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Seedcloud is an online seed sharing service.

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What is the Grow 1 Challenge?

Tell the story of a single plant you’ve grown from seed to finish through photos and captions.

Growing is relaxing, entertaining, and productive.

Tell that story. Seedcloud and our community will help.

How does Seedcloud support the Grow 1 Challenge?

Seedcloud makes seed sharing easy. Send us your seeds and we’ll get them planted in gardens across the U.S.

We connect a community of enthusiastic growers with innovative beginners eager to unearth new varieties and ideas.

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Seed Breeder Recognition

It’s tough to get recognized and build a reputation as a breeder, especially when you’re trying to do something new.

Our community challenge is an opportunity for you to reach a new audience with your seed genetics.

Share your seeds across a group of early adopters motivated to grow your creation and innovate on ways to introduce new plant varieties to a wide audience.


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Learn from others you share seeds with and teach from experience.

Seedcloud is here to help you.

I've been following Lori's garden for a while and now I just received some seeds from her. Thanks, Lori.

Curious to see how much food I can produce in my little plot. Adventure begins!

My wife says all I ever want to take about is the garden. Yep. Thanks for the seeds, Jared. Let's talk...

Going to experiment with growing strawberries indoors. I hope my turn out as good as Tom's. Thank you. Order arrived today.


Make Seed Sharing Easy. Seedcloud.

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